Our mission is to give every child the best chance at an independent life.

Our innovative approach to research is different and getting results.

We believe that with the right research, breakthroughs in autism are within our reach.


#MakeAStandForAutism is led by autism siblings to raise funding and awareness for kids with autism.

Research to Change Lives

We have a different approach to autism research that is getting results.

We believe that once we understand the biological basis of autism and how it develops, we can make much more rapid progress on treatments and prevention.



Three groups control 99% of the money, and novel studies have a hard time getting funding.


Good Morning Texas Interview

N of One founder John Rodakis interviews on the emerging view of autism and the latest studies. 


The Innovators:

Families Driving Autism Research

Historically, science has scorned single-subject trials, but parents’ at-home experiments with their kids may drive autism research forward.

Link to Atlantic Article about N of One