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About N of One:

September 28, 2017

Three groups control 99% of the money, and novel studies have a hard time getting funding.


The Families That Launch Their Own Autism Study

September 30, 2016

Historically, science has scorned single-subject trials, but parents’ at-home experiments with their kids may drive autism research forward.

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Good Morning Texas interview with Founder John Rodakis on the Emerging View on Autism

October 19, 2015

N of One founder John Rodakis interviews on the emerging view of autism and the latest studies. 


Understanding Autism: A Father's Search Beyond Genetics

June 03, 2015

John Rodakis wasn't looking to launch an investigation into autism. But that's what happened after the Dallas man began a quest to understand why his son's autism symptoms changed dramatically while taking an antibiotic for strep throat.


About Our Research:

Selected Media Coverage
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"It was only a small trial, but suramin's effects were dramatic"

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[If confirmed].. It would also mean that for the first time, a drug would be proven to treat an underlying cause of autism.

Selected Media Coverage
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Selected Media Coverage
Selected Media Coverage
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