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Latest News:

Press Release:  N of One: Autism Research Foundation sponsors Baylor College of Medicine study to investigate why some children's autism symptoms improve when taking antibiotics

Click to read  For years parents and clinicians have reported that antibiotics can cause changes (both improvements and worsening) in autism symptoms.  Despite this and the fact that microbiome is increasingly implicated in playing a role in autism, this phenomenon has not been systematically studied.  A new study is now underway at Baylor to better understand the phenomenon by analyzing and comparing changes in the microbome and metabolome of children with autism when the they take antibiotics.  


Article on the significance of Dr. Robert Naviaux's Suramin and Fragile X finding


Click to read N of One's Latest articles discussing the significance of Dr. Robert Naviaux's latest research showing that suramin effectiveness in correcting autism-like features in the Fragile X mouse model.  The article puts this finding into the context of his previous work on suramin and the MIA mouse model in plain, straight-forward english

Press Release on recent N of One sponsored study: Compound in Broccoli helps autism symptoms


Click to read about N of One Scientific Advisor Dr. Andrew Zimmerman's recent double-blind, placebo controlled study showing that sulforaphane, a compound found in broccoli helps reduce autism symptoms


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