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Contact Congress For Autism Funding


Two actions that congress could take that would improve the funding picture for autism research are:

  1. Increasing the National Institute of Health's (NIH) budget

  2. Creating a dedicated National Institute for Autism Research at the NIH


The primary source of autism funding in the United States is the National Institue of Health (NIH) and on an inflation adjusted basis it has not had a budget increase in over a decade.


Most major diseases get their own institute with a dedicated director and funding, however autism, does not.

You can help improve this sitaution in three easy steps!


1)   Look up your Congressman/Congresswoman here & Senator here


2)  Copy the text below into a letter (better) or email.


3)   Send it by mail or email.



The Honorable _______

United States Capitol Bldg

XXX Pensylvania Ave

Washington DC XXXXXX


Dear Senator/Congressman/Congresswoman _____________:


I am writing to you as member of your district that lives in ________who is alarmed by the rapid rise in autism and our lack of answers and treatements for it.


I would like to ask you please consider enacting legistlation that does two things:

  1. Increase funding for NIH with a specific mandate to increase funding for autism

  2. Create dedicated National Autism Institute within the NIH



Some facts about autism.....










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