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N of One was founded by parents and researchers who believe that breakthroughs in autism research that will lead to treatments and prevention strategies are possible in our lifetime.

Our Mission

To Facilitate, Fund, and Communicate Breakthroughs in Autism Research

Our Goal

Identify the fundamental biological mechanisms of autism

Autism is now affecting


1 in 68 children

1 in 42 boys in the US

Which is almost 2.5%!

Despite decades of research and billions of dollars spent

  • We still don't know what autism is

  • We don't know what causes it

  • We don't know how to prevent it

  • We don't have any treatments

Parents are understandably frustrated with this lack of progress, indeed we all should be.


At N of One we believe that things can be done better and look to partner with parents and researchers who share that view.

What We Believe:

  • A better understanding of autism leading to highly effective treatments and prevention strategies is possible in our lifetime

  • We can sponsor and catalyze breakthrough autism research that can meaningfully impact TODAY’S generation

  • In going wherever the data takes us and not be deterred by traditional views, academic resistance, or the status quo

About The Name:

In Statistics:

"n" traditionally denotes the sample size, thus an n=1 is a single sample

In Medicine:

An “nof1” is single patient trial often disregarded as insignificant

In Autism:

Because of a lack of answers in autism, parents are left to discover how to best help their own "n of 1"  We believe families deserve better and with the right research we can have better answers for all.

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Every N of One Matters!

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