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John Rodakis

Founder & President


John Rodakis is N of One’s Founder and CEO. With a background in molecular biology and a career in medical venture capital and technology investing, John Rodakis' background is well suited to lead this new effort.  John has spent most of his career working with brilliant researchers and entrepreneurs to make investment decisions and critical resource allocation decisions often with limited, imperfect information about emerging technologies.

"After our son was diagnosed, like many parents we began meeting with doctor after doctor but got few answers and little hope. After spending hundreds of hours reviewing medical literature and meeting with top researchers all around the world, it became apparent to me that a new conceptual model of autism was emerging that included the microbiome, the immune system, and cell metabolism however, some of the most promising theories were not being well funded because they did not fit neatly with the conventional views of autism. I viewed the funding and allocation system as an impediment to significant breakthroughs in research.

I knew there had to be a better way and I knew there were many people around the world touched by or concerned about the alarming rise of autism and our lack of answers who would like to help. N of One grew out of the desire to connect funding to the most promising research to get the answers that these children deserve.”

John Rodakis has a B.S. in Biology magna cum laude from SMU in Dallas and MBA from Harvard University. Professionally he has worked at McKinsey & Company, Bessemer Venture Partners and Golden Gate Capital.

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