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Would you like to help N of One fund advanced autism research? 

Here are a number of things you can do.


Raise Funds for N of One:


  • #MakeAStandforAutism - Make a Stand for Autism is our campaign
    that encourages siblings and others to literally "Make a Stand". 
    It can be a classic lemonade stand or some other handcrafted item
    that can be exchanged for a donation.

  • Wix Facebook page
  • There are dozens of fundraising ideas that an individual can do from donating the proceeds of a garage sale to organizing a walk or a bake sale.

  • Giving $100 helps, but raising $100 from10 people really helps!

Help Get the Word Out About N of One!

  • "Like" or Follow us

  • Share our posts to your Facebook page.

N of One Amazon Smile

Use Amazon Smile!

Amazon Smile will donates a portion of your Amazon purchases to N of One: Autism Research Foundation. 

This is free to you and does not add any cost to your purchases.

All you need to do is shop through Amazon Smile and make a one-time selection of N of One as your charity of choice

Select N of One Amazon Smile

Educate Those Around You

It's not always what you can give personally but how big of an advocate you can be.  If you are passionate that our kids deserve better answers then join us and educate those around you.

The common perception is that autism is a fixed condition that offers little reason for hope, but emerging research suggests this view is outdated.  With better research, we will get better answers which will lead to better prognoses for today's children.  Get educated on the latest autism research; educate those around you, including your pediatrician and politicians.  If we can change perceptions, we can redirect funding to better research. 

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