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Our Focus

Our goal is to sponsor and encourage research that will lead to breakthroughs in understanding the core biology of autism.

At this point, autism is just a behavioral label applied to children and individuals who behave a certain way, it says nothing about the underlying biology that may be behind those behaviors. 

Autism can be diagnosed from very mild to very severe, hence the term autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Our focus is on getting answers for those in the moderate to severe category, those who have little prospect of an independent life.

Emphasis beyond genetics: For the past several decades, the emphasis has been on understanding the genetics of autism.  While genetics play a role in who is predisposed to autism, many researchers believe that the role of genetics in autism has been over-estimated (click here for more on this) and as a result, adequate funding has not gone to other very promising areas of research.

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The latest research suggest that autism is more akin to a syndrome where the immune system, cell metabolism, and the gut microbiome are key players.  We believe these areas have been under-studied, under-funded and hold potential breakthroughs.  We argue for a more diversified approach to autism research.

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If this sounds like the right approach to you, please consider a charitable donation to N of One by making an ANNUAL GIFT.

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