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To Facilitate, Fund, and Communicate Breakthroughs in Autism Research

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Our Mission:

N of One was founded by parents and researchers who believe breakthroughs in autism research - that will lead to treatments

and prevention strategies - are possible in our lifetime. Our goal, simply put, is to identify the fundamental biological mechanisms of autism.


Autism is now affecting 1 in 36 children (and almost 4% of boys) In spite of this alarming rise and after years of research and hundreds of millions of dollars of funding:​​

Parents are understandably frustrated with this lack of progress, indeed we all should be. At N of One, we have a view that things can be done better and look to partner with parents and researchers who share that vision.

  • We still don't know what autism is

  • We don't know what causes it

  • We don't know how to prevent it

  • We don't have any treatments

If you support our mission, please consider dedicating a portion of your charitable donations to N of One through a one time or annual gift.

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