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What Makes Us Different

Research, Research, Research
We are a “pure play” on autism research. While there are many non-profits dedicated to autism, most have broad mandates that include advocacy, support services, etc. At N of One, our focus is sponsoring breakthrough research to discover the fundamental mechanisms of autism because we believe that once we understand the biological basis of autism and how it develops, we can make much more rapid progress on treatments and prevention.

We value the observations and input of parents.
N of One was started by parents of autistic children who are frustrated with the pace and in many cases direction of autism research. Because medicine has such few answers, parents are on the front-line of identifying things that make their children’s autism better or worse. Many parents, including the founder of N of One, have seen their children's autism improve in response to various treatments, diets, & medicines providing promising leads for science, yet all too often, those parental observations are dismissed as anecdotal or even imagined.   N of One aims to bridge the gap between dedicated parents and pioneering researchers to investigate the leads that they are generating.


Small Dollars, Big Results
Previously, the founder of N of One was an early stage venture capitalist often backing small start-ups with limited resources pursuing big opportunities. We bring that same "VC" mindset to everything we do in both how we spend our money and our expectations of our researchers. We are looking for research with a high “ROI” (return-on-investment) potential. Keeping our also keep our overhead and administrative costs very low, we are able to ensure more of our donors' dollars go directly to research.

If this sounds like the right approach to you, please consider dedicating a portion of your charitable donations to N of One through a
one time or an annual gift.

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